Coroutine Intuition

Roi Barkan

60 minute session
09:15-10:15, Thursday, 29th June 2023

As one of the 'big four' new additions to C++20, coroutines allow us to rethink how we design and architect our functions, systems and code.

With no initial support in the STL, many of us are still hesitant to embrace coroutines and consider how to effectively use them to improve the readability, maintainability and composability of our creations.

In this talk, I'll explore and explain topics like stackless, cooperative asyncrony, generators and senders/receivers. Through many concise and different examples of coroutine usage, we'll gain intuition on which types of problems can elegantly be solved with coroutines, and how such solutions can lead to cleaner, safer code.


Roi Barkan

Professional software developer and architect since 2000, Roi's main focus throughout his career was on high performance and distributed systems, implementing complex and innovative algorithms. Roi is the SVP technologies of Istra Research, where he helps creating low latency financial systems. Prior to working for Istra Research, Roi spent 12 years in software development, architecture and management in the IT Security field. Roi received his B.A in Computer Science with high honors from the Technion in Israel, and his executive MBA from Tel Aviv University.