Redesigning Legacy Systems : Keys to success

Pete Muldoon

90 minute session
13:30-15:00, Wednesday, 6th July 2022

Many projects suffer from a lack of software engineering practices and proper system analysis. Legacy Production code with a large user base is hitting its limits in terms of performance and maintainability. A way forwards is needed, can redesigning and delivering a new system be made a less risky proposition ?This talk focus on redesigning and delivering replacements for legacy systems. What are the pros & cons of partial rewrites, system ports or full system redesigns.What engineering tools and ingredients are required to initiate a project successfully. How to conduct an analysis of the current legacy system, spotting real processing problems. How to use that information to mastermind a new data driven design. How to take that design and move it through the development cycleto a production ready application. Finally we look at strategies for navigating the nightmare of rolling new software out to a large existing user base user.These engineering principles are then applied to a real world project. We will look at a case study where a legacy redesign project had stalled out with multiple problems. We will explore the engineering missteps leading up to this and the subsequent revitalization through the cycle of analysis and redesign culminating in delivering a finished Product on time to Production.

software engineering
best practices
code quality

Pete Muldoon

Pete Muldoon has been using C++ since 1991, Pete has worked in Ireland, England and the USA and is currently employed by Bloomberg. A consultant for over 20 years prior to this, Peter has worked on a broad range of projects and code bases in a large number of companies both tech and finance. Such broad exposure has, over time, shown what works and what doesn't for large scale engineering projects. He's a proponent of elegant solutions and expressive code.