Midnote: For the Sake of Complexity

Kevlin Henney

60 minute session
13:00-14:00, Thursday, 14th July 2022

Complexity gives us computers, systems and life. As developers, complexity also gives us unmanaged technical debt, surprises and headaches. Our relationship with complexity is a... complex one, often erring on the side of the unnecessary.

In this talk we look at some of the sources and kinds of complexity that we find in our code, from the nature of software development to the detail of coding habits, from design practices through to the core language.

Kevlin Henney

Kevlin is an independent consultant, speaker, writer and trainer. His development interests are in programming, people and practice. He has been a columnist for a number of magazines and sites, including The Register, CUJ and C++ Report, a contributor to open source software and a member of more committees than is probably healthy (it has been said that "a committee is a cul-de-sac down which ideas are lured and then quietly strangled").

He is co-author of two volumes in the Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture series, and editor and contributor for multiple books in the 97 Things series. He lives in Bristol and online.