Identifying common code smells

Arne Mertz

60 minute session
20:00-21:00, Thursday, 14th July 2022

Code smells are subtle or not so subtle hints that there may be problems within our code. Some code smells are universal and independent of the language we use, others are C++ specific. Usually, a code smell represents violations of basic design principles or negligence of idioms and patterns that would make the code easier to grasp and maintain.

In this talk, we will see examples of code smells from real code bases, and how they can be identified and fixed.

best practices

Arne Mertz

Arne Mertz has been working with modern and not-so-modern C++ codebases for over 13 years in embedded and enterprise contexts. He is a mentor and teacher for clean code and modern C++ for colleagues and customers at Z├╝hlke Engineering and a freelance trainer. Since 2015 he writes more or less frequently about those topics on his blog "Simplify C++!"