Software Engineering Is About Tradeoffs

Mateusz Pusz

60 minute presentation
16:30-17:30, Friday, 2nd July 2021

This talk presents a view of a Software Architect. Often there is no such thing as "the best" solution for the problem. In many cases, we have to deal with compromises and accept the downsides of a specific approach.

During the talk, I will mention some of the major tradeoffs and disagreements regarding the C++ design in recent years. I will also describe a few issues I personally encountered during the design of the mp-units (the modern C++ physical units) library and ask the audience to make a choice between several alternative solutions to the described problem.

Mateusz Pusz

A software architect, chief engineer, and security champion with more than 15 years of experience in designing, writing and maintaining C++ code for fun and living. C++ consultant, trainer, conference speaker, and evangelist focused on Modern C++. His main areas of interest and expertise are code performance, low latency, stability, and security.

Mateusz worked at Intel for 13 years, and now he is the head of the C++ Competency Center at EPAM Systems. He is also a founder of Train IT that provides dedicated C++ trainings and consultant services to corporations.

Mateusz is a contributor and an active voting member of the ISO C++ Committee (WG21) where, together with the best C++ experts in the world, he shapes the future of the C++ language. He is also a co-chair of WG21 Study Group 14 (SG14) responsible for driving performance and low latency subjects in the Committee. In 2013 Mateusz won “Bench Games 2013” – worldwide competition in the C++ language knowledge.