Learn Programming, then Learn how to Be a Programmer

Ansel Sermersheim, Barbara Geller

19:00-20:00, Friday, 2nd July 2021

Barbara and Ansel began working together in May 2012 when they started the CopperSpice project. Their objective has been to develop open source software for the community, by implementing libraries which extend the functionality of the C++ standard. Along the way they realized that in order to write correct code it is not enough to simply know a computer language, you must also be willing to question who you are as a programmer.

Their definition of being a good programmer includes a commitment to advancing your skill set, staying current with the language, and being flexible about the way you approach problems. This requires knowledge which is not traditionally taught in computer science classes.

As their open source software team expanded, they faced an evolutionary process and worked to define a culture of personal integrity and professional responsibility. During this talk Barbara and Ansel will share their process and talk about some of the mistakes they made and what was learned.

They will talk about their views on cutting corners and if this is the right choice. How do you approach a six week project when management or the client only allocates three weeks? Are you comfortable maintaining your own code?

Have you thought about the qualities of a good programmer and if so, do you meet these requirements?

Ansel Sermersheim

Co-founder of CopperSpice, a C++ GUI library. Co-founder of DoxyPress, a C++ application for generating documentation. Developer of the open source libraries: libGuarded, CsSignal and CsString.

I have programmed in C++, C, Lisp, Java, and Perl, with extensive knowledge in TCP/IP and mutilthreaded design. I am an avid follower of the C++ standard. Speaker at CppCon 2015, CppNow 2016, CppNow 2017, and several ACCU Bay Area meetings.

Barbara Geller

The focus of my current work is software development for CopperSpice and DoxyPress, consulting, product management, and educational trainings. I have been working in the software industry for over twenty-five years. My degree is in Electrical Engineering from Cal Poly Pomona with additional studies towards a master in Computer Science.

Prior to CopperSpice my work focused on developing custom Windows applications for a variety of companies. These applications were designed for several vertical markets including medical billing, transportation, and construction.

Co-founder of CopperSpice, a C++ GUI library Co-founder of DoxyPress, a C++ application for generating documentation

Developer of the Diamond Editor, a cross-platform editor for programmers, using the CopperSpice libraries. Developer of the BSD open source libraries: CsPaint, CsSignal, CsString.

I have programmed in C++, Qt, Visual Objects, Clipper, PHP, and Java. Speaker at CppCon 2015, CppNow 2016, CppNow 2017, CppCon 2017, CppCon 2018, emBO++ 2019, CppCon 2019, MeetingC++ 2019, code::dive 2019, and numerous ACCU meetings in the San Fransisco Bay Area, Amsterdam, Munich, and London.