C++20 - My Favourite Code Examples

Nicolai Josuttis

60 minute presentation
15:00-16:00, Friday, 2nd July 2021

C++20 is the next big release of C++. It introduces a lot of changes that will have an impact or our programming style. But the real power becomes clear if you come up with examples that go a bit beyond the usual basic feature motivations.

This talk will present examples that demonstrate how cool programming with C++20 becomes. Ideally, these are examples combining multiple new features.

Nicolai Josuttis

Nicolai Josuttis (www.josuttis.com) is well known in the C++ Community for speaking and writing with authority about C++ (being the author of "The C++ Standard Library", "C++ Templates" (coauthor), and "C+++17 - The Complete Guide") but is also an innovative presenter. He is an active member of C++ standardization committee for more than 20 years now.