In 2020 we ran four workshop sessions - mostly after the main conference. Since we moved online we were less constrained in scheduling by venue and travel issues. So each workshop was on a different day. In all cases there were at least two days distance between the workshop day and the main conference. This was to reduce the burn out some experience from spending too long following content online.

Before the conference:

Modern C++ Design Patterns
Klaus Iglberger
13th July (Monday)
Klaus Iglberger

After the conference:

Move Semantics - The Complete Guide
Nicolai Josuttis
20th July (Monday)
Nicolai Josuttis
Concurrency with modern C++
Rainer Grimm
21st July (Tuesday)
Rainer Grimm
Testing Legacy Code effectively with Approval Tests
Clare Macrae & Llewellyn Falco
22nd July (Wednesday)
Clare Macrae Llewellyn Falco

Exact timings varied by workshop but by default they ran 10am - 6pm (BST). Instructors may also use a different hosting system (e.g. Zoom).